Indoor Grounding


These are seven INEXPENSIVE and EASY ways you can take the edge off and feel better this winter!

Grounding is a wonderful technique, I began practicing over the past two years. This was introduced to me by a good friend and confidant of mine.

She told me that it could truly change my life and how I feel physically/mentally. Being an energy worker and reiki master herself, she gave me the advice to walk around barefoot outside. That it would make me feel better. Though at first, I thought the concept a little “silly”, I really knew NOTHING about it. I figured, what the heck do I have to lose?I’ll try it!

What is grounding? For more information click here.

I wrote another article(link above) that really dives into Grounding and what it is. I would recommend reading that before moving forward, if you aren’t familiar with “grounding” or “earthing” yet.Seven methods to ground your energy when it's too cold to be outside. 

Keep in mind I live in the North Eastern, United States, where we tend to have long, cold, and white winters. 

If you live somewhere tropical or warmer, you might not have to worry about finding creative solutions to get in touch with nature comfortably during the “winter months”. If that’s you, hanging out on the beach in December, down there in Florida or maybe Southern California, well… I ENVY YOU!!

Winter can be a depressing part of the year for a lot of people.

Seasonal Depression. Look it up, it’s a real thing!. There are scientific studies which prove, we are prone to depression during these darker months. Depression and Grounding go hand in hand.

Why thank you so much, Father Winter!

If you are not grounded you are not balanced physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

If you are not grounded you typically overthink, worry, and stress a lot more than usual.

If we are not grounded energetically to the earth, we are going to feel out of sorts, fuzzy brained, and a little down in the dumps.

I know immediately when I am not grounded, because I have no energy or motivation to do ANYTHING. Again just like depression. I just want to lay around, vegggg on TV or Movies, and forget about all my problems. 

That’s OK sometimes but after awhile you want to get out of the slump and do something productive to make yourself feel good again.

That, my friend is easier said, then done.

My favorite excuse is, “I’ll deal with that tomorrow”.

OH! Procrastination how you are so faithful to me!

I believe things go quiet in the dead of winter for a reason. It’s to give us a sense of peace and space for some healing, after a long tough year. Developing a grounding practice will greatly help sooth the turmoil we may experience, that winter brings to the forefront and forces us to deal with.

It really can put you in a better mood, and reset you so that you can handle any challenges that come your way during the day.

The reason I wrote this article is because this winter has been very taxing on me mentally and physically. It’s hard to feel good, when you feel like you are trapped inside 24/7, especially when it’s with your own thoughts! OH MY!!

If you feel like you have come down with a case of cabin fever, I just want you to know that you are not alone. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Indoor Grounding Countdown



This method is a far cry from actual grounding, but it can help you promote grounding and the feeling of security with yourself. The mind is a powerful thing. If you surround yourself with more red, you will attract stability and balance into your life. Add some red colors to your home, or work space.

Something I’ve noticed is wearing the color red on your feet (in correspondence with the Root Chakra) is the best area to assist with grounding. Ladies, paint your toenails red! Gentleman, wear red socks, shoes, or pants!

SIDE NOTE: A psychic friend once told me that if you have bad dreams, where red colored PAJamas to bed. It will help protect you from nightmares. I have yet to test this theory!

Just wearing red colors alone, won’t get you the grounding results you want. For the best results, I would recommend adding this method to one of the other grounding options, I’ve listed below.




Ahhh the sun! How we love to feel it against our bare skin. There’s no better feeling than being comfortably warm basking in the sun's toasty rays.

We need the sun, in moderation of course. There is a certain danger to it if we go a little overboard with our tanning. But I am not here to give you a sunscreen lecture.

In the dead of winter you may find yourself a sunny little corner in your home and take a few minutes to bask in the sun. You can even nap in the sun streaming through a window, if you like.

Now I know this isn’t sun tanning by the pool on a summer day. However it will help charge you with positivity and almost feed you like the sun feeds the plants with life. As sophisticated humans we tend to forget how natural we really are, we need the same things that beings in nature do!

Take your average house cat for example. Correction, take my “not so average” house cat (pictured here) for example.

His name is Charlie, and he LOVES his lazy sun naps. I believe he is very intuitive and is drawn to do things for a reason. Unfortunately he doesn’t get to go outside (many reasons as to why, safety foremost) so he gets his grounding in when he suns in front of our living room window.

So feel free to soak up that vitamin D and window bathe or sunbathe!



This is fun and inexpensive! I won’t claim this method is totally free, but it is a good way to ground yourself nonetheless. Get your hands in the DIRT! Some may shy away from getting a little dirty but I believe it’s good for the soul.

Having a potted plant in your home gives you a sense of purpose, something earthly to take care of(this thought applies to owning pets too!). I believe it can also lighten the energy in a room, or give a room a vibe.

The most grounding part of this method though is to do the planting yourself. Sow the seeds, feel the dirt run between your fingers. It’s like having a little piece of mother earth right inside your living room!

Here’s something fun & funky! Throw a garden party with some good friends this winter. There’s nothing much to do when it’s cold out so it's the perfect group grounding activity! Everyone can contribute to supplies (which can be very inexpensive at your local dollar store etc.) to make it affordable.

Have some snacks and sow some seeds! Seeds are cheap, and you can use little plastic planters! Do your research and make sure you set up the future seedling with the right things it needs to survive. That way you ensure it makes it to adulthood.

Set up a area in your house that suits the seedlings you are raising. Soon it will be warm enough to plant them outside but for now tend to your baby plants and ground while doing so!



Oh yes, my absolute favorite grounding practice. Salt baths, Herbal Baths, Bubble Baths. Love them all!

To be honest though to ground in the bath you will need to use salt, herbs and/or oils for grounding. Dried herbs are the best because they came directly from the earth. The same goes for essential oils, but only if they are 100% PURE!

Use Epsom salt, lavender essential oil, and/or ylang ylang essential oil and mix the ingredients into your bath water. Soak for about 30 minutes or until your water gets cold.

NOTE: You don’t NEED all these ingredients, just as long as you have the one for grounding. The Epsom salt is the most effective. 

My favorite way to ground in the tub is to use a bath tea. Bath tea, or Tub Tea is a small sachet similar to a tea bag, packed with dried herbs and salt. Drop it in the water and let it infuse your bath with natural scents and goodness! These are inexpensive and can be found by simply searching on Etsy.



This is a sure fire way to ground yourself when it’s too cold to be outside. Eat as clean as you can!

That means fruits and vegetables people!

I know what you’re thinking, it’s expensive to eat healthy. But what I’m here to tell you is, it really doesn’t HAVE to be. There are ways you can budget and still eat healthy! You can find some great healthy meal plan ideas right from Pinterest!

RED foods are great to incorporate into your red colors for the day(mentioned in item # 1), and eat clean. TWO IN ONE!

I am a huge fan of comfort food, so when I say eat clean, be sure to balance that with a home cooked pot of spaghetti, or a sizzling crock of chili. It’s OK to indulge too! Infuse your food with positivity while cooking it, and keep with that red theme!

Remember, you can eat clean, and still cook great meals! Balance is key, so make sure you don’t ONLY eat red food! Everything in moderation!




If you love working out and do it on a regular basis, then you are already on the right track to feeling better and being grounded. IF you can work out in nature, even better!

For those natural born couch potato’s like myself, this one doesn’t come as “Easy” but it can be FREE. There are countless videos on YouTube with FREE workouts. Just start searching!

Personally I am in love with FREE yoga on YouTube. I set the scene in my living room, candles, low lighting, yoga pillow, and mat. Occasionally, when I am feeling social and motivated, I will venture out to my local yoga studio.

Working out, moving, sweating and heating up are great ways to activate your base chakra(or root chakra) and get grounded!




Last but certainly not least! MEDITATE!

This will always be the #1 way (in my opinion) that you can ground yourself properly indoors. The better you are at meditating the better you’ll be at grounding yourself.

Learn a daily meditation practice and incorporate grounding into it. There are tons of great guided meditations for grounding on YouTube! Make sure you do your research and only practice with the video that speaks to you, or calls to you.