Intuitive Reading

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This is a simple and sweet, one page reading that contains spiritual guidance and fortunes from the universe. It will be sent via email, but can also be sent via Facebook Messenger. During this reading I will reach out to your personal spirit guides, and angels for advice or messages that could help your personal growth and success moving forward. I will also perform a short meditation just for you, and tap into the cosmic conciousness to discover what else life has in store for you. This is a very unpredictable reading, and we never know what could pop up. Keep an open mind and have acceptance for what you may revceive. 

Before purchasing a online reading, please contact Melissa to reserve your date/time. Please understand Melissa books up fast and has a waiting list of clients. Most of the time the wait is no longer than 24 hours. If you do not contact Melissa first and move forward purchasing a online reading, you here by understand that there will often times be a wait. Before purchasing also review the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and only proceed with a reading from Melissa if you AGREE to them, as there will be NO REFUNDS.

Please note that this is not a downloadable product, and you will receive the reading via email or Facebook messenger. Tarot will not be used for this reading.