Mini Message

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Never tried one of my readings before? Maybe you've never tried tarot before? Do you just need a quick spiritual guidance message? Get a taste of what my readings have to offer with this mini message. Only $6.00 for one tarot card and two large paragraphs of content to go with it. This is a mini reading so it will be rather small, but it will be helpful, and inspirational to say the least. The universe always has your back, and a little advice to go along with it. 

Video chat not included with this reading.

DISCLAIMER: Before purchasing a online reading, please contact Melissa to reserve your date/time. Please understand Melissa books up fast and has a waiting list of clients. Most of the time the wait is no longer than 24 hours. If you do not contact Melissa first and move forward purchasing a online reading, you here by understand that there will often times be a wait. Before purchasing also review the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and only proceed with a reading from Melissa if you AGREE to them, as there will be NO REFUNDS. Please note that I will not answer any serious heath, pregnancy, legal, or death related questions. 

Please note that this is not a downloadable product, and you will receive the reading via email or Facebook messenger.