Posted by Melissa Maddrix on Feb 24th 2019


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My purpose while incarnated on earth is to spread positivity, love and understanding to as many souls as I can reach. I am a intuitive reader, energy worker, and an employee of the universel. I pass along messages and spiritual guidance to those open and willing to receive them.

I strongly believe in the art of manifesting what you want and what you need into your own reality. Mostly because I have done it successfully myself several times.

Manifest a parking space? Done it. Manifest a open check out line at the grocery store? Done that too. Manifest a little bit of abundance to help me get by? That's ones a little harder, but still yes I have!

Do I manifest miracles using this method? Not really. Can you? Possibly, I believe you can do anything you set your mind to and that you choose to infest good vibes into, of course.

I might not be winning the lottery, but I am manifesting small strokes of good luck or a little extra help here and there.

One way I do this, is through candle meditation manifestation. It’s like praying in a way, and it’s very effective!

I have discovered that using candles and meditation together, can speed up your manifestation process. It’s like the candle gives you that missing ingredient which is required to pack an energetic punch!


Because I just love candles in general, the warm glow they put off and the many different options of colors or scents that you have to pick from. I have taken up the fascinating hobby of creating authentic energetically infused positivity/intentions candles and wax melts right here in my own little country cottage in the middle of nowhere.

It's been a painstakingly long two years of experimenting for me to get the right chemistry of ingredients to make these awesome candles and melts! BUT I HAVE FINALLY GOT IT AND THEY WORK WONDERFULLY!

Needless to say I am so excited to share these with you and the rest of the world! These creations are designed to help you with the manifestation process.

Natural soy wax, hand poured into each unique vessel, with organic hemp wicks set perfectly in place to create a nice even burn.

From original and exotic to softly scented and common aromas. Most every scent is different from the other, even if it’s only slightly.

Infused with positive energy and a special reiki blessed herbal blend. Authentic crystal shards are added when requested or when I just feel compelled to add them to help set intentions and attract positivity (among many other benefits). Some of the ingredients are even grown in my own garden!!!

This candle is created 100% for you and only you. No one will EVER truly have the same candle as some one else.

Intention candles and melts are used to assist you with spiritual growth and manifesting the blissful life you desire.

Where else are you going to get a candle like that? No, they don’t sell one of a kind candles at your local Walmart.

Is it magic? Maybe. Is it manifestation? Absolutely. You can use this candle to attract many wonderful things into your world.

It even comes with instructions and steps to help you use it properly, written by yours truly! With each candle ordered from my shop you will receive a 1-2 page manifestation meditation guide to help you understand the best way to use your one of a kind Intention Candle.

You could use any old candle and practice meditation manifesting, or you can order a candle specifically made for you by me personally. One that is infused with exactly what you need You can even give shoot me a email and tell me what it is you need to manifest and I can make sure the energy that goes into it focuses on that.

Don’t like burning candles? No problem, I have amazing heart or square shaped melts perfect for any tart burner, or scentsy burner you may already have around the house.


SO where can you get one of my Positive Vibe Intention Candles, or Melts? Find them by following the below link....