The Five Essentials Of Self Care Countdown

Posted by Melissa Maddrix on Feb 26th 2019

Personally I have been on a self care binge lately. I am obsessed with doing things that make me feel GOOD. I want salt baths, hot tea, books to read, and all those little extras we don't get every day. Setting aside time to make the conscious effort to check in with ourselves and make sure we are content with ourself and life in general.

There are so many ways you can practice self care. Try to make an effort to work some, or all of these methods into your schedule to start attracting a more positive future along with a better outlook on life all together.For more specific information about this topic please visit my Self Care Essentials page...

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Let’s just face it. Food & drink are both essential, no matter what. You need them to survive. If you’re not eating, you need to eat! If you’re not drinking, you need to drink! If you eat too much that can be a problem too(that one tends to be my problem lol). It’s that simple!

I can’t tell you how to lose twenty pounds in a month but I can tell you what the best food and drink items are to consume for it to count the most as a self care practice. First fruits and veggies! Second salty and sweet! You need both to be completely happy! Everything in moderation.

Personally, I am a herb girl. Working with spices and plants in general just bring me back down to earth. I feel we as human beings can benefit so much from using herbs for spiritual and physical health purposes. Each spice/herb has specific properties that help promotes success in different areas of life.

Drinking herbal teas is a great way to practice self care. Really any hot beverage is soothing so it can in turn be a self care practice (i.e. coffee, cocoa). But I do feel you get the most bang for your buck with natural herbal teas!Here’s what I recommend and why...

TAZO Ginger Green Tea 

My #1 favorite for a reason. Not only do you get the cleansing factor of the green tea, but you also get the empowering essence of the ginger root. Ginger is especially useful to boost your immune system, keeping colds and illnesses at bay.Drink one cup of this a day and keep the doctor at bay. Drink multiple cups of this a day and get a major confidence boost. Ginger is just one those wonderful empowering herbs!

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Turmeric Cooking Spice 

My feelings about Turmeric in general are beyond obsession. I have come to rely on this herb. My personal belief (after doing some serious research) is that this special spice can work miracles. 

Keeping you exceptionally healthy, and clear of any serious illnesses. It is speculated that ingesting turmeric is responsible for shrinking and preventing tumors.I literally try to incorporate turmeric in everything I eat. Especially when it’s something cooked or baked. The taste of tumeric isn’t extremely noticeable so it blends well with other flavors and spices.

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Turmeric Tea is also available, and would be a very easy way to sneak some turmeric into your diet.

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Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea 

I have indulged in this specific tea many times when I felt deathly ill from the yearly cold or flu. It helps you rest when you need to and can’t. If you have trouble relaxing or even falling asleep drinking this herbal blend will work wonders. I will warn you, don’t drink this at work! Drink this when you have time to take a nap, our lounge. Better yet drink this tea before bed time! It’s called sleepytime for a reason!!!

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Take the edge off and go have your favor snack, or soak in the nutrients you need by digging into a fresh green salad! If you’re like me, have a tea or coffee break to reset yourself!

Thinking about what you put into your body, and making good choices is a self care practice we can all work on every single day!


This self care practice is either your favorite or you despise it. I feel like there’s no in between. But we cannot deny the fact that physical activity and exercise are extremely important for our health and overall well being.

This is probably the easiest and hardest self care practice on the list. Personally I’d rather read a book and drink my tea then go running. Let’s just say over the years I have had my ups and downs with exercise and staying “fit”.

There’s no denying that it is very important to stay active! It makes sense the more we use our body the right way, the better it will work for us in the long run.

Even if it’s a short distance hike on a local trail, it’s a form of exercise! You may be the person that runs marathons, if so, then that’s a self care practice for you already. Keep it up!

Lately I have found that the happy medium for me is Yoga. I love yoga, it works you out but yet gentle enough that it’s almost like therapy! The best part is that I can find creative ways to fit it into my hectic schedule.

I seriously encourage everyone to give it a try, it doesn’t matter if you have no experience. It really is easy!!!

Get yourself an inexpensive yoga mat (Here’s the mat that I recommend, CLICK HERE) and try these easy workouts I have outlined below. Fit that self care into your busy day in ten minutes or less!

Check out my Holistic Lifestyle Board on Pinterest for more short yoga pose sequences to try.


I’m not going to sit here and remind you to brush your teeth or comb your hair. I hope that you can find time to do that each day! I’m sure that you can, most of you should be doing this on your own. It’s important to take care of yourself in more ways than one! What I am saying is take that extra step to fluff up your personal care routine.

Some of us already do that by going for pedicures, or hair salon visits. Obviously those are on the more expensive side or higher end of the self care spectrum. But hey, if you can afford it and it makes you feel good, then why not! Personally I’ll take all the above and more if I can!

However we don’t always have money for the finer things in life so let’s discuss some other avenues to “treat” yourself without dropping a ton of cash.

Facial Masks

I love those inexpensive and simple facials at home. You don’t even have to leave the house or your PJ’s! Pour a glass of your favorite wine, cut up cucumber slices to place over your eyes, sit back, and relax!!! You can even meditate while you wait until it’s time to rinse off the mask! Or just casually and carelessly sip on your wine. LOL.

Here's what face masks I recommend... CLICK HERE


Bubble Bath Soaks

Baths are hands down the best way for me personally to practice self care. There’s so many ways you can enhance your bath water to pack a powerful spiritual punch! You can take a bath to cleanse your energy, or recharge your positivity! There’s bath products that can do anything from make you sleepy, to leaving you frisky.

Want a calming bath? Try this lavender bubble bath - CLICK HERE

NOTE: You can also add dried lavender to your bath water for a more organic feel.

Want an energizing empowering bath? Try this orange vanilla bubble bath - CLICK HERE

Infusing your bath water with pink himalayan salt is a great way to cleanse your energy at the end of a long tiresome work day. I found these bath bombs one day and have loved using them ever since!!! - CLICK HERE

Be sure you are not allergic to any of these products before using them!!!!

Paint Your Own Nails

Self care made simple and easy! Most of us who enjoy painting or manicuring our own nails find that just sitting down and doing it can be very therapeutic. It makes us feel “pretty” or “put together” and we can express ourselves through what color we pick to paint our nails with that day. Sometimes when it’s nice out you can even sit outside and indulge in painting your own nails. It may not be as relaxing as getting pampered at the salon but at least you feel like you’ve accomplished something on your own with your own time.

If you don’t like the look of your natural nails, I understand! I feel that way sometimes. Or you want something a little fancier than just plain old polish. Try these press on nails(CLICK HERE), I use these babies in a pinch when I’m low on cash but need my nails to look good for a night or two! On the plus side they are extremely easy to apply, usually only takes me fifteen minutes to put them on.


Sometimes self care is as simple as having fun and enjoying life. Especially learning to enjoy the simple things. It’s not all about the glitz and glam! If you can embrace the little things and appreciate them, well that’s half the battle.

Finding a entertaining avenue for expression can be a huge self care tactic. If you love doing something and can express yourself through it, it’s a win, win situation. Don’t think you have to make money at something for it to be beneficial to you. That’s a common misconception and self care is about making you feel good, not weighing you down with pressure.

Do things just for the fun of it and don’t be overly critical about it! Here’s some examples of activities you can experiment with and promote self care at the same time. Remember to pick something that tugs at your interest too:


You can’t practice self care without some sort spiritual aspect to it. No matter what you beleive, usually there's a higer power you connect to in some way. It's healthy to slow down and truly soul search to become a better person, but it's also humbling to step back and realize there's so much more to our exsistance than we realize on the daily. 

It is important to express gratitude for all the universe provides to you. Acknowledge that you are being divinely guided and show appreciation for for the blessing in your life. It’s just as important to ask for help in the areas you know you need to work on. Let's admit it, we've all asked for a sign from god before!

I cannot stress how practicing at least one of the three options below with change your self care game for the better!




Designate times during the day where you stop and express positivity about yourself, your life, and your day so far. Set the tone for the day by doing this first thing in the morning. You can also close your day in the evening with good night affirmations. For more affirmation information or ideas please visit my Positive Affirmations Board on Pinterest. I update this space regularly so there's alway fresh new phrases and ides! 

If you don’t meditate, then pray, if you don’t pray, then practice expressing positive affirmations. What you send out into the universe, is what you get back in return. So if you send out positivity and gratitude, that’s what you’ll receive but ten times over. It pays to be positive!  

It also pays to take care of yourself! Don't forget that and feel free to visit this post any time you need inspiration. 

For more information about Self Care please visit my Self Care Essentials page.